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This page is filled with links of ratings for ANIME and MANGA. I use the term ANIME because most people don't like to read MANGA
so more people will like ANIME than MANGA. ANYWAYS~! Heres my rating scale:

Story: Depending on how original and how tasteful the story is.
5 points.

Characters:The actual characters and personalities, along with their development.
5 points

Creativity/ Design:
Depending on how pretty or simple this is where all of that artwork goes.. into this little category.
5 points

Overall Rating:This is where I give the overall and FINAL act of judgement against this ANIME//MANGA. So if I like it then I get to put all positives and negatives in this section.
Overall rating ---- out of 10

Additional Notes: Anything that I find weird or disturbing that I might just want to add.. I'll just put it here.. after the overall rating.

Ayashi No Ceres aka Ceres: Celestial Legend
Full Moon o Sagashite

Alice 19th
Ayashi no Ceres aka Ceres: Celestial Legend
Full Moon o Sagashite
You're My Girlfriend