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Sorano Kairi

Sorano Kairi

Cristo// Kei

Sweepers are humans killing ADYS: monsters that take on many forms. A young boy named Towa comes in the story with high marks on the tests and simulations in hoping to become a great Sweeper. His first experience isn't so great and he meets a janitor by the name of Kei. Kei reluctantly takes in Towa as his apprentice. The two of them fight ADYS, but their main target is the ADYS named Kamuro who has a long history with Kei.

SPOILERS: highlight to read

So turns out that after confronting Kamuro, Towa learns the true identity of Cristo: Kei. Kei has a weird dream and goes to see a doctor who also has a long history with Kei. Turns out the Doctor is Aoki who designed Kei and the ADYS. He explains that ADYS are his failed experiments in order to reach Kei's status. Hearing this Kei goes out to find Kamuro and let Kamuro kill him. Towa rushes out to save Kei out of friendship. This rekindles Kei's spark to fight again and snap out of depression to fight Kamuro. Kamuro dies, Aoki is heavily injured but Kamuro, Towa and Kei turn into the new "Cristo" SS class Sweepers.

The whole story to me seemed pretty basic.. names were changed and it was just like mercenaries with a crazy background to spice it up for a bit. Nothing too out of the ordinary. This manga receives a 3 of out 5.

Kei was actually a scaredy cat. I thought that he was strong and cool, but after seeing the story move onward it showed how weak he actually was.
Towa seemed like an ordinary character.. nothing out of the blue here. Just your average hero who tries to ensure justice but can't do anything at first.
Aoki, the doctor, even though he only starts in the second chapter he's still okay. Someone had to be the blame of the story. Apparently it was him. Just to make it even more cliche`, the story writer gave him an extremely intelligent mind but with messy habits. Go figure right?
Kamuro, the "heartless bad guy". As you would expect from all bad guys he has to have a story.. He seemed pretty normal until the big exploit of everything. Just a monster craving to be normal.
Overall satisfaction of the cast: 2 out of 5.

The actual design and construction of everything was very structured. It has a lot of hard lines and a lot of fighting. The hair was pretty, it just didn't look like a random chunk of lines going everywhere. The eyes were a bit laxed. The clothing detail and extras were done nicely.
Overall satisfaction: 3 out of 5. It just didn't bring enough.. but it didn't bring it weak.

Overall Satisfaction:
This series only has 4 chapters.. I like small series but this one could have been a lot long. It was enjoyable to read for a quick sit down. This 4 chapter long series gets a 6 out of 10.

Originally I didn't think it would be exactly like that.. I dunno what I was in for. I just got a stereotypical shot in the dark and I got what I figured was going to be the ending. That kind of stuff is boring. That's just me in my opinion. If someone can figure out the ending within the first 5 10 pages of the first chapter, then, you definitely need to change it up.

Finished December 17th of 2007