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Watase Yuu

Watase Yuu

Yamazaki Tanpopo
Kugyou Kouki
Sainouji Tsuki
Kyougoku Keirata
Uchimora Arisa
Yamahara Erika
Kyugyou Youji

Yamazaki Tanpopo just got accepted in an elite computer school. She first tramples all over Kugyou Kouki with her bike and a dandelion. He then helps her and the flower. Then on Tanpopo meets him at school: where hes a total cold hearted snob. She announced to everyone that she will make him her first friend. So then everything starts to go chaotic. Tanpopo realizes the only way to become his friend was to start a Gardening Committee.. So enter Sainouji Tsuki she decides to join in. At first Sainouji Tsuki tries to get on Tanpopo to leave Kouki alone, but then becomes her friend. Then Kyougoku Kierata teases them, then becomes their friend as well. Then finally the government board didn’t decide on the Gardening Committee to start until this girl leaves the president alone. So Tanpopo decides to go help this girl: Uchimora Arisa. It is revealed that Kouki has a fiancee: enter Erika.. Thus the story goes.. On~

SPOILERS: highlight to read

Turns out that Erika was previously engaged to Kouki’s older brother Youji. But he ran away and his brother assumed his responsibilities. So Erika wanted to get closer to Kouki and decided to take matters in her own hands. She joined Meiou Academy and got even closer to Kouki. Erika even joins the Garden Committee. During this period Tanpopo starts dating Youji and then breaks up with him vice versa with Kouki and Erika. So then… Kouki and Tanpopo become and item but Tanpopo decides to return to Hokkaido. Later Kouki follows her there.

This manga only lasts 26 chapters. It‘s actually an interesting love story developed around the whole flower concept. Overall I give this story a 4 out of 5. The whole flower concept was great but the reoccurring love triangle and problems just seem way to ordinary.

I didn‘t expect too much from a manga that was based upon a love relationship during school hours. A lot of people where cold hearted then changed. A lot of this story had to do with Honor of the Family house hold. I‘m glad that everyone in that story got to break that and just become friends with one another.
Yamazaki Tanpopo is the heroine of this story. Shes very strong until the end. I wish that she stayed strong forever. It‘s a reoccurring theme within Yuu Watase‘s stories that her females get crushed easily when they seemed so strong.
Kouki and Youji Kugyou are both brothers who look alike… until Youji cut and dyed his hair. I honestly didn‘t like the way Kouki first started, but that’s something you gotta love about him. He didn‘t want any fake friends. It was a good way to start out for him. His brother wasn‘t seen til the latter of the series. When he made his entrance, you knew it was him. The Kugyou brothers are the only members of their family that rebelled against one another.
Sainouji Tsuki is the only girl who holds onto her Family name for good. She wants to be powerful and wealthy. Talk about your power hungry woman right?
Other characters who come into play actually have a god style to them and how they develop is just like a flower. **hint hint: theme~!**
Overall I have to say that I really liked the development and creation of characters. I give my blessings with a 5 out of 5. It seriously isn‘t your stereotypical high school drama.

This story reall focused around everything done at school. The only things that they did wear were long coats, and their school outfits.. And the occasional I‘m going to wear this because I can. The uniform is a bit similar to Fushigi Yuugi‘s but its cute. Overall Satisfaction: 3 out of 5. It‘s just a school anime.. The outfits are cute but that’s it. Nothing too exciting.

Overall Satisfaction:
This series does last a bit of time.. So if you do have time on your hands try it out. Since I personally like flowers and stuff, I liked it. Plus I‘m always game for a love drama. This 26 length series gets a 7 out of 10.

I am a big fan of Yuu Watase stories. This one was rather different dealing with flowers. I did enjoy the reoccurring theme of “everyone‘s own path is like a different flower“. Kinda cheezy but still cute.