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Ayashi no Ceres
Ceres: Celestial Legend

Manga and Anime

Watase Yuu


Upon the 16th birthday of twins: Aki and Aya.. Their family decides to spend it differently.. Everyone one of their family members comes together at their grandfather’s house. They’re both given this really old and disgusting hand… like an ancient creepy thing and Aki bursts into cuts then Aya suddenly feels enlightened. Thus beginning the story.

SPOILERS: highlight to read

Turns out that Aya is the sole reincarnation of their family Goddess, or rather Celestial Maiden. Ceres the celestial maiden fell in love with Mikage and bore his children… Then later he started dying.. Ceres gave him her powers then he abused them.. Ceres decided to save her children and kill Mikage.. In the end… Ceres’ blood was reincarnated over and over in the females of the Mikage family. Unfortunately every time the girls became active with their powers, the family killed. Aya is the first one to succeed in living and attaining full celestial maiden status. At the end, Ceres was able to find her real hag Oromo: “Celestial robes“ and leave Aya‘s body for good.

This “animanga“ was pretty cool. I loved the fact that Yuu actually went out of her way to learn about the actual folk tale and recreated it into something new and fresh. Overall story I give it a 5 out of 5.

In the beginning it seems like your ordinary high school brother and sister duo: Aki and Aya. Until the second chapter… HAHAHAHA Aya is a ead strong girl and usually Yuu has these types of girls for her heroine.. Which is cool. Until Aya becomes Ceres. I personally love Ceres more than Aya.. I just think the whole “I‘m a Goddess out to kill you!” is a really cool thing.
Aki is a a beat up baby. I mean seriously he looses to his “otherself“ and he also is in bed half the time.. Talk about the weaker sex.
Touya is a mysterious and HOT bishi which kicks ass on a whole new level. He has no past and when you come to learn about it its pretty cool. AND HES HOT!
The Aogiri family, is very kind they‘re the supporting characters but they still are pretty cool.
Overall for character design is a 4 out of 5. Sure it‘s different for a girl to change into a Goddess along with a ton of other females.. But the other part of the cast is pretty normal.

The design for school uniforms are the only thing that you can consider a big design aside from normal clothes this wasn‘t really costume things. I liked the design of the Celestial maiden. I guess they just like staying open and not wearing their bras or cloaks around their chest area.. But its still pretty cool. There‘s not that much to the design.
Overall design concept a 3 out of 5. Normal and every day things. The only real cool thing was Ceres‘ celestial maiden cloths.

Overall Satisfaction:
This series is a very very long series but it’s worth it in my opinion. It’s like the darker side of the magical girl stories. It’s also a love story.. How typical of Yuu right? But its not like Fushigi Yuugi, but a lot like Zettai Kareshi. This long series gets a 9 out of 10.

I had originally saw the idea of this in a magazine and read up on it. I loved everything about it. The down fall is the character and costumes.. Some people just seemed weak I the actual story.

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