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Character Name:
Japanese: Seresu
English: Ceres

Ayashi no Ceres

Ceres is known as a Goddess or heavenly maiden. Shes just that awesome. It seems at first she just wanted revenge on her family.. but we don't know why.. but hell being a powerful and beautiful goddess.. don't you think thats enough?

Ceres is a Tennyo. Which is a Japanese term for Celestial Maiden. Which everyone knows the bamboo cutters story. I think...You know.. a man sees a bunch of Maidens bathing in a pond, then he takes the heavnely cloak. Then she becomes his wiffe and bares his children giving celesital blood to them. Then she finds her robes and leaves. However in Yuu Watase's story, after the maiden bares her children.. she gives the man powers.. he uses them unwisely and she kills him for he killed their own children.

Ceres is a unaging heavenly maiden who lyes within Aya Mikage. She has Orange eyes, and long black hair. While Aya has dyed blonde hair with black eyes. Ceres has celestial powers that have flower petals coming from her attacks. Although her attacks seem more like a telekinesis with a sense of cherry blossoms floating from place to place.