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First Worn to:
Ohayocon 2009

hours spent:

Why I did this cosplay:
Out of all the new pokemon in Pearl/Diamond I definitely fell in love with Lopunny and Buneary first. Buneary was incredibly cute, but when I saw Lopunny I was sold. I definitely use Lopunny for fun, but if I was battling someone I don't think shes/hes the one I would use. I like using Lopunny for my competitions in the game. I was looking at the Gijinka picture... and wasn't too satisfied with it.. I drafted out tons of patterns but I ended up using different ideas.

I had purchased a lot of brown mole skin fabric just in case if I wanted to do different versions of Lopunny. Instead I wanted to show something covered. I created a shirt cropped style of a jacket with fluffy fur at the end. For the ears I puffed up both brown ears and fluffy furs so if fluffed and puffed out more. I decided to make a hood, and make it stand out more. I was going to make a hair clip for the brow part but I added it to the hoodie.

I had originally drafted a bikini for Lopunny based off of the Gijinka... then I thought again. I created a very tight and form fitting mini dress. I added a bunny tail in the back..

I created a pair of thigh highs with pom poms out of the fluffy fur.

I use my Faye Valentine/Ayane boots for the shoes.

Anything else?
I have planned this costume sooo many times. I wanted to make it a bit more ... EXPOSING. But I figured.. a mini dress would be so much nicer. Lopunny is one of my favorite Pokemons! Once I saw Buneary, I was like AWWWWWWWWWWWW, then when it evolved I was like... OMFG I LOVE!!! Seriously something cute evolves into something beautiful.. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Definitely not a Glameow and a Purugly.

Ohayocon 2009
I couldn't say no to bringing any Pokemon costume to any cons. I decided to bring this one to Ohayocon 2009. I didn't wear this costume for a long time but it was fun while it lasted.