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Cowboy Bebop

hours spent:

First worn at:
Matsuricon 2007
Sugoicon 2007

Why I did this cosplay:
I was once again accepting requests a long time ago. And my friend, Erich mentioned that he wanted to see a Faye Valentine costume since it was his favorite character. I decided I would do it but I didn't know when. The idea finally came back when a group of friends decided to do a Cowboy Bebop group. They asked me to do a Faye costume with them. DO to the remaining fabric that I own and such.. I was able to make this outfit and I think it turned out rather well.

Faye has a yellow short short short pair of shorts on, with a matching top that is sleeveless and dawns two collars. The shirt also has a blue triangle that functions as a snap closure on the right side. The suspenders are actually ribbons and I used two ringlets and two suspender clasps on the back. I used two more blue triangles on the shorts.
The shoes, headband, and the nude nylon thigh highs are previously owned.

Anything else?
Faye's outfit is actually really fun to wear.. other than the fact that my ASS HANGS OUT. I honestly still like it though.

At Matsuricon I borrowed a friend's shirt. It was nice in the photo he took but I decided to make my own shirt. Soon afterwards.

At Sugoicon, I totally just didn't bring the red shirt or my headband.. Sometimes during the anime Faye doesn't wear the shirt but she almost always has the headband on.

I've bought new boots that work just great for this costume!

My friends and I attended the Glomping Panel. They all volunteered me to help out so it was decided that I would. XD I can't believe that happened! Heres videos of me in my Faye costume in ACTION! ((Credits go to Lilyakka aka Dan!))