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Dead Or Alive

hours spent:
12 hours

First Worn To:
Anime Punch 2008

Why I did this cosplay:
I really love the Dead or Alive series. Its one of my favorite video games to play. One of my first favorite females to play as too. I don't like Ayane's darker colors, so I decided to do her alternate white costume.

Ayane's dress is a simple one piece with an obi, armwarmers, headband, thigh high stockings, and boots. Its make with a stretch fabric, and lots of mesh for the obi. The only way I could create the obi with a lot of flare into it was using mesh. I used gold braided string for the tie on the obi and store bought shoes and I added cuffs to them so they would look like Ayane's boots.

I bought new white boots for Ayane.. they look rather stylish so I'd wear them out in public too XD I also used a different pair of white stockings. I like these ones better.

Anything else?
The dress is comfortable to wear. The only problem is that I don't own any wigs and I usually splurge all my money on fabric first then forget to buy a wig. I'm so bad at doing that.
My video of Anime Punch 2008 has a bit of me in it. Heres the video:

pondering continue? ready? FIGHT! WINNER!  ((how ridiculous)) Hosting Winner  ((.....))