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hours spent:

Why I did this cosplay:
I was playing Pokemon one night. And I found a Teddiursa in the wild. I IMMEDIATELY caught it. It's so adorable! I decided... hey.. it's time for a UNEVOLVED Pokemon cosplay. I took the time to find the Gijinka picture. I FELL IN LOVE! Love at first sight! So I decided to make this verison.

I had created Lopunny before Teddiursa. So I still had brown fabric left over. I had like... 10 yards left. HAHAHAHAHA. So I went crazy with this concept. I actually made a oversized button up shirt with brown mole skin furry fabric. I thought that this was not enough. Even with my hair in cute pigtails I wanted to have bear ears, then it hit me like a cold trucker in the middle of the night: A HOODIE WITH EARS! I quickly made a hood and created puffy little ears.

The moon I created out of thin cardboard from an old box. I cut it into a cresent shape and used three different types of gold, glitter paint for the moon. I then used an old barrette and glued it to the back of the moon. By the way: The moon is painted front and back just in case if the people can see it from the back. I didn't want it to look ugly. XD I attach the Moon to my bangs with the clip.

Anything else?
I have really really more mature and lascivous Pokemon costumes. I wanted to tone it down just a notch... or FIVE. I liked the idea of using my hair for bear ears. It looks so cute. I wanted to use the ears with the fabric some how... I'm glad something hit me in the head to do a hoodie. It was fun to make it.