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Tekken 5 : ((in order to get this outfit you have to purchase it at $500,000))
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection push triangle

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Anime Punch: Armigeddicon 2007

Why I did this cosplay:
Who wouldn't do this costume? I seriously love the game series and its soo comfortable believe it or not. I loved dressing as one of my favorite fighting game characters. I'm not afraid to wear this cosplay again.

I used the original kimonos that I wanted to for this cosplay((the Oren Kimonos: Black and the White)) I never really got around to finishing it until this convention came up. I used fabric paint which I thought was white paint but actually turned out to be glitter paint. To my surprise it looked better than normal paint. SO I stuck with that and I created my own spider pattern for the black kimono.
The spider top was created by using a tube top with a sewn in bra and a long tied together scrap string wrapped around me for the entire web look, just like the game.
The hair piece was created by silk flowers arranged on a wire base and stuck in my hair. I made my own blue whip and maroon sash, then wrote Chinese characters on my leg.

Anything else?
This costume is very fun to wear.. I can wear it in soo many different positions and such and maybe just as an original kimono. It is a bit big so it kept on falling. I love the total outcome and the shoes I had at the time were not exact but I loved them anyways.

Anime Punch 2007
I'm giving a demonstration on how to work a key card

Revived GASP! LIMIT BREAK calm yet? I just got here huh these? Passion shot Precious looks like you found me the grass is eating me