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Oren Ishii

Kill Bill: volume one // my own twist

hours spent:

First Worn to:
((has not been debuted))

Why I did this cosplay:
I totally fell in love with the Kill Bill movies. I am totally for the Asian-American woman dominating the entire yakuza in Japan. Totally awesome.

I decided to do a younger O-ren look due to the other costume. And I don't look that old. XD

I used the white kimono from the Young Oren costume and used it underneath. I then created a larger black kimono.

The obi is pre-owned.

Anything else?
Kimonos are very easy to make. The reason why it took so long to make was because it was so big and all the sewing was all over the place. I tied my own obi. It took forever! But its a great learning experience.

I no longer have this kimono in its original form. It's now used as the Asuka kimono.