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Princess Serenity

Character Name:
Japanese: Usagi Tsukino
English: Serena
Alternative Names: Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity

Japanese: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
English: Sailor Moon

Like this question needs to be addressed. I love Sailor Moon with a passion. I believe that all females should watch this show. Yes the main character maybe a little ditzy, but what‘s not to like about that? I love the fact that she does grow and mature during the series yet still maintains her innocence and believes that there is good in everyone. Which I wish I could believe that too.. But not everything is possible in this day and age.

Her overall design is pretty amazing.. Basically that German wannabe-Blonde hair and blue eyes look. Kind of classic for a heroine to look different than anyone else in the country… she is born of natural Japanese parents who have black/brown hair and eyes. So its kind of obvious that she of course is a total nut job. ((On the contrary: her best friend at the beginning has red hair and her mother does too.. I think this signifies more of a light brown than anything.. But nothing out of the ordinary)).

Any girl would have to believe that fighting bad guys has to be a tough job and even crybabies can do it. ((heck even bimbo blonde air heads)). But its something that almost everyone wants to relate to: being a superhero.

Her clothes change throughout the entire series. You see her mature and grow up from Junior High(( aka Middle school for us Americans)) until High School ((yes High school)). Which during that time frame she undergoes so many different types of transformations.. Around 5 Sailor Moon outfit changes and two different styles of Royalty changes, and of course two different styles of school uniform changes.. Which of course we LOVE TRANSFORMATION SCENES no matter how repetitive they are.