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Princess Serenity

Character Name:
Japanese: Yui Miaka
English: Miaka Yui
Alternative Names: Suzaku no Miko
Priestess of Suzaku

Japanese: Fushigi Yuugi
English: Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

Miaka is not your stereotypical female.. Shes claims to be fat but Yuu draws her pretty well for a fat female. Shes not big breasted and of course almost like all other heroines, shes an IDIOT. Well, that’s abit harsh. She‘s not a complete idiot but shes an average student. I like the fact that she gets TONS of guys after her and she has tons of costume changes… especially in the art books.

Her basic design is a brown school uniform with a cropped jacket and a blue bow: very basic. I like it, and its cute. Her hair is brown and long enough to be braided into two buns adorned with red ribbons.

Her priestess outfit is a red robe with a yellow sash that has extra sheer sleeves and train. Of course this time her hair is inside a gold phoenix crown along side flowers. She also wears jewelry like a beaded necklace and gold bangles.