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Tanemura Arina

Tanemura Arina

Mitsuki Koga

Mitsuki Koga has been stuck underneath her grandmother’s roof ever since both of her parents died in a car crash. She’s been living on a whim to sing for the one she loves. Turns out two shinigami come down to tell her shes only got a year to live. Mitsuke then decides to go against her grandmother and become a real singer for her loved one. br>
SPOILERS: highlight to read

Mitsuki’s lover is named as Eichi. But later it is revealed that Eichi died in a plane crash as soon as he left for America. Theres a lot of love turmoil with Mitsuki and Takuto… but in the end everyone gets what the wished for.

This manga lasts for a grand total of 30 chapters and 52 episode span. I enjoyed both. And seeing the differences is a bit awkward.. But the ending is still the same.
Overall this storyline is a 3 out of 5. Theres a ton of love triangles and simple story plot.. Nothing too out o the ordinary.

All the characters in this animanga were changed by Mitsuki. Typical right? It also had to do with the pun of Mitsuki’s name relating to the moon. Like Mitsuki’s name is also Full Moon in the series.. And everyone relates their relationship to something bright.
Overall it just seemed too cliché. But development was good. I give the character construction a 3 out of 5.

The costume and design of the overall anime was pretty cute. A lot of the story takes place inside studies and then theres the random places like a bus stop. Just general places. The costumes are extremely cute.
Overall I loved it and I wish I was able to see a bit more but I give this design construction a 4 out of 5. Because of the lack of locations it just gets a 4.

Overall Satisfaction:
This animanga is really cute and doesn‘t stray far from it‘s original story. I give this series a 7 out of 10.

Definitely a big change for me. I usually deal with more hardcore action types of stories, but this is more of a shoujo series. I enjoyed it.