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Alice 19th


Watase Yuu

Watase Yuu

Alice Seno
Mayura Seno
Kyou Wakamiya
Frey Weilhausen

So there are these words: basically good and bad. If you are capable of using these words then you’ll be able to use their magical powers. There are these two sisters fighting over the same man that they love. One Is too chicken to go after him and the other succeeds in asking and dating. The other sister who is chicken decided to yell out “negative words” and then her sister disappears. Thus beginning everything.

SPOILERS: highlight to read

So. The two sisters learn that they both are capable of using these words, only the fact that the older sister who was sent away by “negative words“ can only use negative words. Alice, the younger sister, can only use positive words. Mayura becomes possessed by her jealousy and anger towards her sister and uses it against her. Soon Kyou starts to understand that he actually had feelings for Alice and confesses to her… unfortunately Mayura put a curse on Kyou so if anyone says their confession to him he‘ll die. Alice is put into a dangerous situation just when she had the courage to confess to Kyou. So it takes Alice the entire story to the end to save her sister and becoming a true Lotis Master, and to get the guy she‘s always wanted because of a rabbit jumping in the middle of a intersection.

The whole story to me seemed pretty basic.. names were changed and it was just like mercenaries with a crazy background to spice it up for a bit. Nothing too out of the ordinary. This manga receives a 3 of out 5.

Alice is the girl the corner: watching and not taking action. Not only that it takes her forever to figure that she wanted to be with Kyou and not her sister. So it’s a pretty weak heroine until she becomes a Lotis User.
Kyou is pretty stupid. Not being able to figure out his own feelings for himself. Until he learns hes also a Lotis Master hes just a complete hunk of wood.. Really hot to look at but dumb.
Mayura is pretty selfish too. I know she likes the guy.. But to pick on your little sister too? COME ON!
Frey and Nyozeka are pretty ordinary characters among the lines of Yuu san.. But they‘re still pretty radical in their own way.
Overall rating for characters is a 4 out of 5. They actually did get somewhere within the story and not just by focusing on one person… well.. Sorta..

Because a lot of the story dealt with a tall building and a house theres not much until you see the grassy meadows and the void so to speak. The costumes were extremely cute! I like how all Lotis Master‘s had their own type of Lotis Uniform. Which is awesome. Even Nyozeka has her own design.
I give the design plan a 5 out of 5. I just believe that the ending chapters had the best drawings and designs ever. It had some serious ugly and some serious epic stuff going on there.

Overall Satisfaction:
This series is the average length for a Watase manga.. I give it a 4 out of 5. I totally thought it was going to be like Alice in Wonderland.. Not at all and really worked the white rabbit and the name “Arisu“ into things.

Like I had originally stated. I thought it was going to be something like Miyukichan in Wonderland. Although it wasn’t. I liked this series a lot. Only because of the nature of words can be so powerful.