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Video Gaming Reviews

I've been playing Video Games ever since I was little. I enjoy playing them and now I'm going to add my two cents in reviewing them.

My rating scale will be based off of these things:
~game play
~characters / character design
~plot/ character development
~Entertainment Factor

~Game Play
Of course you have to know the controls. This section all depends on how you play this game. It could be simple as pie or it could be harder than solving a chess problem.

We all love games with pretty designs.. but does the translate well into a game? Here I'll be discussing the quality of the graphics, and the design of the atmosphere and surroundings.

~Characters / Character Design
"The beauty of the people", so to speak. When I'm playing I like to know who I'm playing as, and what they look like. More or less this is dedicated towards creativity and design of the protagonists and antagonists.

~Plot / Character Development
We know that games have a story. Well they should if they don't otherwise that just doesn't make sense. But as you know this review section is soley based off of storyline and how each character progresses in the game.

~Entertainment Factor
This sounds so corny right? Well... Fun is part of the whole reason why we play these games right? Hence the reason why I put this in.