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Ever since last year in 2007, I couldn't get over the excellent concert of VGL. This year I kinda went solo, but I met up with friends. I didn't get a lot of photos but I had such a great time. I also met up with Joe and Aaron from Whose Line is it Anime from anime cons. :D This time for Video Games Lives I decided to debut my Lei Fang costume there. Which got tons of good responses.

I had competed in the guitar hero contest: I got third place. And the costume contest I got runner up. Not bad right?
I had a great time. I'll probably be going til the end of time. XD

Remember... all these photos were taken by my camera and its users!

Rakuen/Aaron got some footage of Video Games Live too.. some backstage footage right before the Costume Contest on stage. The cool part was the crew started talking to us. It was a lot of fun.

Rakuen/Aaron also got footage of the lobby area featuring Joe/Jnkolm. And some of the brawl tournament.. I died.. XD