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Sugoicon 2008

That con was sooooooooo much fun!

Friday I got delayed a bit but its all right. My friend Shawn helped me get into my room, and I was karaoking in Rinoa again Friday. Then I changed into my Yuuki manga dress and headed for the ball.. tons of fun there and dancing. I loved it. Jason came immediately after the dance was over. At least he was there right? I swear I didn't let go of him for a good five minutes. And then we .... I forget... .... BUT THEN WE HAD HALL CON. Tons of fun. God team members were chilling in the hallway; Air, BaiAiLi and I rehearsed our skit. Then .... fell asleep around 5am... LOL.

Woke up around 10 am... and got dressed or something.. actually I don't remember what time I woke up.. it was most definitely not 10am though.. I believe it was like 11:45. Air, BaiAiLi and myself went to skit registration... did that then went to WHOSE LINE IS IT ANIME. I participated again.. soo much fun. I swear I couldn't stop laughing.. great show by the guys. And then there was my event: COSPLAY CHESS. Tons of awesomeness there.. and then of course getting ready for the cosplay MASQUERADE. Our GOD team skit got Best Novice. :)

Then the rave.. SO MUCH DANCING!

Sunday.. I was sad to see Jason to leave but there was some awesome action going on there. :D I can't wait to see everyone at OHAYOCON!

Heres some images of the costumes I wore:
Oren Ishii
Bunny C.C.
Newly Remade parts of Rinoa Heartlily
Yuuki Cross

Here's some videos that I took:

Heres the GOD Team Skit that we performed, members include Bai Ai Li and Air and Myself. Many thanks to GOD member Rakuen for recording for us!

God member Tofu asked me to be apart of her Kill Bill group. I couldn't say no... check this video she made:

This is me, your webmistress singing the opening to Mai Hime on Friday. Many thanks to Rakuen!

Here is me singing the opening to Mai Hime on Saturday.. my voice was actually shot.. I'm surprised I was able to sing this good. Many thanks to God Member Rakuen once again!