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I was hoping that Ohayocon would have been earlier in the year like previous years but they changed the date to the end of January unlike the beginning. Kinda pissed but I didn't stop me from attending. I went traveled with God team member Aries (Tofu) instead of the usual God Team Member Persphone (BaiAiLi) and the recent Godly Air aka (Air). Kinda upsets me.. but I wish she was there... although we never really do hang out at cons.

The con started off with a week of snow... and so I had the entire week off of school because of a snow day... scared the crap out of me while traveling up to Columbus.


God Team member Aries and I leave our neighborhood and we start to travel at 11am. We get on the roads... and they're a bit icy.. but we're safe... Tons of cars on the side of the road. I think total we had 6 cars, 2 trucks, a deer, and a vulture... yea.. don't know but that happened. I'm just glad we're safe.
Arriving at the con We took some pictures... theres a funny video and pictures with a trunk of a car... God Members Poseidon and Bacchus ((Aerialist & Greykungfool)) come to our aide and help us bring our stuff in our room. Changed into our Death Note Costumes. Aries and I went and got our badges... walk around the dealers room ((got to say hi to bri and ms yaya han.)) Then we had to sign in for the masquerade. This year the team was doing skits!
Here is a video of us before skit registration. Many thanks to GOD Member Rakuen for filming.

I think we performed well for the judges. Then I changed into a much more troublesome costume... my new C.C./ C2 costume from Code Geass. Heres another crazy video from us GOD MEMBERS!

I went around and took a few photos and then I had to go to my panel with the Anime Punch/ Whose Line guys. I think it went great. Afterwards I went to take another photoshoot... and wander around and say hi to people and friends.

THEN!! It was time for cosplay chess.

This year I ran cosplay chess with Benson Kwee who was cosplaying as school boy Lelouch. This time we went and had something called...

Btw I totally don't have any footage that. Sorry!
But shortly after the end of cosplay chess. We decided to put to use the pudding cups that the PJ Jam had left us to have. ((THANK YOU!)) Things got a little interesting. Thank you God Member Rakuen for recording!

I think we had calmed down for the rest of the day and went to sleep after that.


I do believe that I was woken up around 8... walked around in my Lopunny costume. Talked to friends.. came back to the room and hung around then changed back into Kimono CC for some more pictures and went to the RPG panel. I do believe that this was a great panel due to all the participation. :D Many thanks for those who attended.

I went to hang around with friends here and there... I then visited my friends room and passed OUT! I don't know what came over me. But man that cat nap felt good... I wish I didn't pass out but I think my body just shut down. Anyways. When I came to, it was time for the masquerade. I got dressed in my Misa outfit once again and fully adorned. We rushed over to the convention center... waited there since 4:30... and stuff.. and more stuff....
THEN WE PERFORMED! ((Many thanks to ACP for recording))

After the skits and such... there was the rave.. I dressed up in my Lenne costume and got pictures with a Shuyin cosplayer named Jeff! MANY THANKS TO JEFF FOR BEING IN SHUYIN AND TAKING PICTURES WITH ME! I went to the rave in my outfit and had fun... then I went to some crazy panel... then passed out in my room.. I do believe that was the end of the con after that.... yeah....


I took more pictures in my CC kimono with EMPEROR LELOUCH EVAN.. That was GODLY. Had another small meet up with some members...
And then I said my good byes.

Overall I felt that Ohayocon was a big social con.. there wasn't that much for me to do this time. I was a bit upset that I didn't get to karaoke during the con AGAIN. But I will sometime... sometime. Hopefully next year I'll have more events to go to and the masquerade won't take so long.