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The ever so famous Ohayocon, has started my convention hopping year once again.

I stayed awake since Thursday morning..((dressed as a panda? NO. I just wore black and white)) So basically I choose to sleep in the car. I need to learn to drive but Ashley says that sheís afraid of the day when I start to driveÖ LOL. AnywaysÖAi Li gives me a call then I realized I have no voice.. uber disappointment. So she comes picks me up around 8:20a.m. then we drive off towards Columbus for OHAYOCON.
We get to the conÖ short line for registrationÖWe met up with Krys and his girlfriend.. saw Sean, Phillip, Alex and Shawn... and I got to see Ameria as Cooking Mama.. I didnít get a picture with her but I did get a cookie. THANK YOU MAMA! I tried advertising for her for a while.. I think it worked.. I dunno. Then we had to wait for our hotel room to be ready. So on that down time I wandered around with Maranda, Phillip, Sean, and Shawn. I saw Bri-chan and talked to her for a bit. I saw Frank in the dealers room and avoided him at all costs. It was fun seeing everyone in the halls and all the people I know. Then I was able to get into my room.
Around 2:30 I went and did my short D. Gray Man shoot with Sara, Daryl ((I think thats his name? I'm sorry I don't remember that well.)) and Ted. Well that was Friday.. Today is not Friday. Then I went off to the Ganguro and parapara panel.. Which was soo much fun! I definitely love the panda make up.. Itís totally a different style to me and something new.. Which I love Japanese subculture.. Itís so exotic. Iím definitely not a total newb to para para but damn, there were some dancing kings/queens at that stuff.. It was awesome. Really I enjoy seeing people do it.. ((note to self: learn evangelion para para))

Manba Panel

I started playing a bit of Guitar Hero 3.. I like to play at least two songs then pass the guitar.. That way Iím not too greedy but at least I get a fair share in. This year I tried to get back into playing Soul Calibur 3, but I didnít make it in the tournament because of the wait list.. I should have signed up sooner. I meet up with my friends from TN and some new ones.
Dan, Gage and I got ready for our cosplay judging.. By then I had lost most of my voice and I was surprised I was able to present my outfit to the judges as a whole. It was awesome meeting Lime barb ((although she was a bit silent.. I was so intimidated by her)) and Jia.
I went on for a bit as Faye and then I changed into Rinoa Heartlily. I canít believe I saw no Squall cosplayers. Thatís a first.. Iíll keep searching until I find one then Iíll definitely retire that costume.
I went to the rave for a bit.. Wasnít as great as I hoped but whatever. It was still fun then I left and played a bit of DS with Dan then went to sleep. Everyone else started getting sick.. I donít know whats going on.. But I wasnít the only one that was losing their voice that weekend.. Is there a con virus thatís started?? GASP!

I woke up oh so very late. Since I went to bed around 3a.m. ish? So I woke up around 1pm.. Stayed in the bed until 1:14... Didnít do much after that.. I got dressed into my Thief Rikku.. Which Iíve decided to rewear it again until I have the scarf doneÖ BLAHÖ So I went around as Rikku without the scarf, with blue eyes and black hair with the daggers.

I just rested!

Yeah.. Totally not right but still tons of fun! Amen and Nick D. wandered with me for a bit and then they gave me the idea of gargling salt water ((EW.EW.EW.E.W.EW.EW.EW.EW.EW.EW.EW)) to get my voice backÖ and it worked!! I got to see a lot of other Final Fantasy characters but I totally missed the shootÖ I missed a lot of shoots.. Damn. But I got tons of pictures with other people. Then I meet up with Samanatha.. YAY DAGGER! All fun and coolness. We got some really cool pictures together!
I started talking with Mike B. Which is actually the first time I really had a conversation conversation you know what Iím saying? So he showed me the AP calendar for 2008.. I thought it was awesome.. I loved the photos that the girls did and it rocked. SO props to you girls and guys who worked on it!
Then I got ready as Talho for the Eureka 7 photoshoot, around 7p.mÖ which was sorta bad timing but it couldnít be helped?? We got some great shots in and I met a lot of nice people so it was great! I saw Dagger again ((Iím soo sorry for confusing you with my many co splays)) and the two of us rushed off to see the rest of the masquerade and performances. Which was great.. I forgot I had my camera on me and totally forgot to film some of it.. Sorry! Iím really sorry! But Iím sure tons of other people got in on video. Speaking of the suchÖ because of the sickness going around and everything, a lot of our people had to stay in the room because of health issues.. So they didnít dress in the Cowboy Bebop cosplays

Our award winning but still sick Bebop Group!

and I was still wearing Talho from the photoshootÖ oops.. XDÖ but we won and didnít walk on stage.. Itís like.. IíM SO SOORRY! But I had some of my voice back.
So then wandered around a bit as Talho and played some video games, chatted with some people which rocked. And then got ready for the RAVE!! Which I met Penny around that time.. I was wondering what costumes she would have on so she found me. I was like OMG YAY! YAY! Which still YAY! Which I totally wanna cosplay with you sometime aite? Tell me whatís ur next con so we can plan something out.
I saw Jesse Uno and Tony T. at the game rooms..

((which leads into Sunday))
So then I think I totally went to the rave.. danced... and danced... and danced...

which is really weird this time.. a few guys asked me to dance with them... AWKWARD.

then other stuff.... man I can't remember much.

After the rave... Sheila and I wandered around a bit.. met up with Qwert from last year.. . went swimming with friends like Bri, that one asian guy.. I forgot his name.. sorry!!, Dave Matthews, Qwert and Sheila.. then we all got breakfast... then packed then left at 10:50...

These are my videos that I got from the con!!