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So my Thursday was the start of the con. I had to rush to get everything done that day. I met with Phox **cough cough Phillip** and we hung out at Sonic until Renx and Cash picked us up. ((Renx is Emily and Cash is Big Shawn)).

So then we all went to their little apartment in Lexington. I forgot to pack Togebri's Aya skirt and legwarmers... so everyone took a quick trip to Walmart and OMG, they have a great selection of fabric. I bought gold beads for the tiara of Ceres and extra fabric for Aya's skirt and my rave outfit.

The four of us returned back to the apartment... watched some Samurai Champloo and I worked on Aya's outfit pieces. I finished it at like 5 am? So then I started working on another plaid skirt with the darker fabric that I purchased, and extra pieces.... then time came for everyone to wake up and leave... so now that everyone was awake, I took the liberty to take a quick nap... I was so cold so I took Phox's pikachu blanket til everyone was ready to go.

We then packed and checked Renx's car and something was wrong with a tire so we had to change to her Dad's car.. TONS OF SPACE. Btw.. the time at that point was like 2 pm? XD

So we were on the road for a while.. then we got there... I immediately got out of the car stretched and ran around to say hi to people and grab my badge from someone. I greeted for a good hour or so then started to bring in bags to the room. I changed into my dancer costume and called up one of my friends and we had a mini Final Fantasy Tactics photoshoot.

Then I wandered around saying hi to people and then KARAOKE AT 9PM. I didn't want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings because of TEAM DONUT. Sorry just not my bag.. I wanted to stay away for the time being. I don't want it to be awkward. So Bri and I had pizza in our hotel room with Kunai aka Ian and Phox. Then we went back hung out with some friends until Whose Line UnCensored was on. ((Yes I participated))

Everyone returned to the room and then we got one of our friends SMASHED. Like really SMASHED. Hes a member of TEAM DONUT known as Garam... ANYWAYS... the leader of TEAM DONUT came and knocked on our door. Hes was looking for him and everything and was like SHIET... where is he? XD I totally was lying and told him I haven't seen him.. and that I was sleeping soon. HAHAHAHA. total lie.... who sleeps at an anime con? Anyways.. we got Garam drunk enough to the point where he shaved off his facial hair.. and turns out he looks exactly like PETER PETRELLI FROM HEROES..

I was totally like fangirlling but trying to hide it with a pillow and the fact that he was so smashed he sorta took advantage of that and made me feel even more weird and was like OMFG. ANYWAYS.. I survived with nothing happening and at 6am, Kunai, Garam, Bri and I went swimming. Bri is the greatest GOD alive. It was soo much fun and I think if I laughed any harder I would have drowned in the 3 ft end of the pool.

So after a while of swimming, everyone goes back to the room and falls asleep except for Bri, I think she went out wandering? ((please correct me I don't remember what u did)). So then Garam fell asleep in our room on my side of the bed so I slept in Bri's spot.. unfortunately his phone had received a voice mail and kept going off... I didn't want to reach in his pants to get his phone.. since it was soo deep. SO the person in charge of our room went in and got it. ((BRAVE MAN))... AND then I passed out... then woke up... showered... changed in my Mai costume.

I went to get judged... then had a photoshoot with a few of my friends from Myspace. We had a nice little gathering of King of Fighter cosplayers: Rugal, Terry, Kyo, and Mai aka Myself. Spent some time there then I went to Whose Line where I met up with Bri and Renx in Ayashi no Ceres costumes. Renx was borrowing my Ceres costume because she didn't want to wear her Sakura costume and I knew I couldn't keep changing.. so I let her wear it.

Thats me in Whose Line....

and so then... I do believe Cash, Bri, Renx and I went to play Rock Band..... unfortunately couldn't enter the tournament.... so then went to Cosplay Line up... waited there.. waited... went on stage.. did my thing.. and didn't win.. but it was all fun and such... then I went to go change into my Code Geass CC ballroom dress of doom for a photoshoot... then I came back to the hotel room and changed into my swimsuit and swam again for a bit **cough cough an hour** and then I changed into my rave outfit...ate some snacks... then went to dance until 4am... then slept. Like I was KNOCKED OUT

THEN I was woken up by Trevor who owned the room.. he was all like.. gotta I packed.. Then like hung out with friends... played like hours upon hours of DEAD OR ALIVE 4. Shit.. anyways.. after that more friendly hang out time.. I bought a TONBERRY.. and then like tons of other stuff... and THUNDERSTORM... thats all.

My rave outfit that consisted of Lenne's top, a black petticoat, and a plaid skirt with matching headband, leg warmers and cuffs.

Bri/Athena is in her Kasumi costume I made for her and I'm in my Dancer costume.

I have no clue what I was doing in this photo other than looking Vietnamese and sitting there with Fred whos in RED and Garam who is in the dark colors.

My Group of King of Fighters.

This is one of my favorite photos from the con. MANY THANKS TO RAKUEN!!!

This is my video that I took from Matsuricon.. the reason why I have a blindfold over my face is because of allergies.. I didn't want people seeing my red eyes. and I did edit out my real name.. SO HA.. you didn't hear that.

AFTER MATSURICON on the way home.. there was tons more funny stuff.. but I didn't capture it on film.. oh woe is me.