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I woke up my usual time for school 7:00am. So then I went to get my bags ready. Took a shower and then packed my toiletries. I grabbed my meds or throat spray hoping it would work. And so then packed my small bag into my brother's car and then went to school.
I met up with Ai Li and put my stuff in Ricky's room. So then I went to two out of four classes. I ate lunch with Ai Li and then we got my stuff from Ricky's room... and we went to pick up Ai Li's car because of the air conditioning. So I hung around this bead shop which is really cool and then I went to Horner Novelty.. I swear that place is like huge.. we could have a cosplay photoshoot there. Anyways. AI Li came and picked me up from Horner and we started our road trip to Columbus/Dublin.
Which my throat was acting up really badly to the point where I couldn't talk. I really wanted to talk.. which sucks. I wanted to sing too. DAMN IT. ((But I'm almost better now)) Ai Li arrive there and I first see John. Dan hasn't checked in yet because he was helping Gage move into his apartment. So when Dan arrived I gave him a GLOMP! yayz. We get upstairs and then are shortly greeted by CHRIS B aka Satan. XD So we get down stairs.. get registered.. and then we go play some ddr!

I played a little guitar hero. In Fuu.

And here is our Ai Li in Kaoru. Wheres that Kenshin cosplayer when you need him?


And so then... WE WENT TO THE PANEL! "Sneak like a NINJA!" The details were a bit hazy in my opinion but I was chosen as a team leader for team #1. And so there were two other teams. I was only caught once and then my team was the best seekers ((just like Harry Potter.. if you get that.. smash your head with an XBOX)) So we won that.. GOOD JOB TEAM MATES! I think our team consisted of Ai Li, Dan, Satan, John, TJ, Faye and... I think thats it. We had like samurai's and pirates... and Satan... LOL. It was awesome. XD.

So then we got bored.. and such... Ai Li and I got hungry.. so WE WENT TO MCDONALDS! It was so close to the hotel we walked. Mind you this is at night.. And like... it was funny. AI Li couldn't walk fast because of her kimonos so Dan, Satan, Ai Li and I all joined arms at one point. It was pretty funny. WE'RE ALL PIMPING!

So we get there then the worker there was a fan of SAMURAI CHAMPLOO!! FUCK YEA. He got a picture of Dan, Gage, and I in our costumes. And then when we were ordering our food team 3 from SNEAK LIKE A NINJA was calling out FUU... FUUU!!! Omg it was funny. So they got a pick of me at McDonalds. FOOD! I only ate ice cream because my throat hurt.

Plus theres something else. GO WATCH SUPERBAD. Because I remembered MCLOVIN!!! So I started screaming that and then everyone was like MCLOVIN!! Its so freaking hilarious. The manager was like" not this again." The Samurai Champloo fan told us that he's been doing that ever since he saw the movie. AND THEN THIS HAPPENED!

Then like a Roxas cosplayer was like.. TAG YOUR IT! I'm like.. I ... can't.. get away! HAHA that was fun.

So then... our big group which then consisted of Megan((I probably spelled that wrong I'm sorry)) Gage, Queer Chris ((hes gay and is okay with it)), Satan, Dan, Ai Li, and myself returned to the con.

We then WENT SWIMMING! HOORAY. my god Dan hit the beach ball into Satan's head and like that had me laughing forever.. we had to take a break.. that was the worst ab and face work out I've ever had. SO then we continued playing. Gage jumped in with his Mugen cosplay. THAT WAS AWESOME. Then Gage left for his apt wth Magen(( I still dunno how to spell her name sorry)) and Queer Chris. Um then the four of us ((Dan, Ai li, Satan and I)) hung around


and some how we started talking to Miyuka and Fiona .... It started with Talho or something or anime punch.. I don't remember. But we had so much fun just hanging around. My god.. there was so much perversion... and hilarious shit that went one.

and throwing shoe action.... until like 2a.m.... then we all decided to go to sleep.



There I was still asleep.. barely on the edge of the bed with my ace stuffed against a fluffy pillow. I heard Dan's phone go off with his alarm: PARALYZER. I got up from my slumber and started dancing... then when the alarm finished I laid back down and resumed my sleep. This happened a few times.. 8:30 rolls around: Satan tried to and so Satan ((KrysB)), Ai Li , Dan and I go down and get our BREAKFAST. Which was like shopping. I'm like..," oo paper bags..." so we have a selection of fruits, muffins, and granola bars. Obviously the hotel went cheap with the con. Whatever. We got like two juices per person and then a full bag of breakfast goodies and returned to the room. I hated their orange juice... thankfully I was smart and got some of the apple juice too. It helped my throat.. When we actually returned to our quarters.. I put my stuff down.. and jumped back into bed and fell asleep with my head snuggly against the pillow.

10:10 am rolls around and everyone is like saying get up and then I realize I have an hr and 10 minutes until cosplay judging.. so I ran into the bathroom and then started preparing... like another hour rolls by and I'm finally dressed in my Faye costume. Thus meaning I was the last one to be ready to head down stairs.. yea.. you can't rush me.. but I just have to start early. Then we headed to the judging panel. Ai Li and I got judged.. loads of fun there.. then we started wandering aimlessly around. But DAN WAS PLAYING DDR AS VICIOUS FROM COWBOY BEBOP!!!

((guess what... WE SEE YOUR BUTT... XD just kidding around))


I really wanted to have my voice to do that glomp.. its so me. You can hear me go NYAH at the end... ((I'm really sad))

This is where Satan and I got into the picture. ((He invented his own counter-glomp and I have no fricken idea what was going to happen. Yes I am in yellow. GO FIGURE!))

I sound so fricken weird..

The rest of the glomping panel that the four of us attended. Also like Chris/Satan came up with his own Cheerleader glomp on the spot and used me.. I'm like "You better catch me!" But yeah..


I never saw Ameria(()) except for this one time.

NINJA... in yellow? better than Naruto! HAHAHA Orange... hahahaha. Then uh... uh the glomping panel was over.. so we all got bored once again.. how boring is that?! I dunno so then we were killing time.. wandering around again..repainted my boots.. and then ran out of spray paint... nothing important. UNTIL THIS HAPPENED!

Yeah.. we're idiots. I love how Ai Li reminds me of a white rabbit.. OMG THATS HILARIOUS.. anyways I should go bash my head in with a xbox... because that was so corny. Ai Li's last name is white.. and shes a rabbit.. ok whatever. Which after running off to the side.. a granola bar fell out of my shirt... and I was on my hands and knees and POUNCED ON IT. My god that was fricken godly.. I'll do it again sometime. ((LJ posts are so much better with videos!)) So then a bunch of people at the con were like," hey we're trying to get a a big group of people to go to the mall. Ai Li and I wouldn't have made it back in time for the masquerade.. so we stayed behind.. and like starved... LOL.

SO then the masquerade!

The first video is the walk ons and then the awards.. so yeah.

These are the only two skits.

THEN THIS HAPPENED!! I need to increase my vocabulary size instead of saying THEN THIS HAPPENED! Or something of the sort.

Bad girl Faye!

Anime crossing.. instead of animal crossing.. okay whatever.. Melissa , Fiona, and I were like BREAK IT DOWN. The staff in the room started playing Sexy Back thats why..

See I am a ninja!!!!

AREN'T WE AWESOME? Anyways! Then we all like hung around for a bit.. then left. Miyuka and Fiona were wandering... they basically slept in the entire Saturday... so then... Our group: Dan, Ai Li, Satan and I went to our room, eat PIZZA.((delicious)).. and watched The Number 23... omg freaky and trippy and KNIFE SEX!!!! I painted everyone's nails with glow in the dark NAIL POLISH! WHEEE!Seriously its for emos. That has to be one of the most emo movies I've ever seen. And then we went SWIMMING!! Which Meagan ((I think I got it this time)) and Queer Chris were there.. but Satan and Gage went to get a real drink if you get my drift. Which is funny. Gage then told us when he got back that the bartender said this!," THANKS MAN. You made me feel like I was in a real anime. I'm giving Spike a real drink." THATS HILARIOUS.

Heres proof that we went swimming.


SHES GOT A KEEPER!! It almost looks like my top is untied.. uh oh!

So then it was time for the RAVE!

Short clip at what you might see at the rave!


Meagan and Ai Li which people.. I dunno whats going on there.

GROUP SHOT! But where the hell is our Miyuka HUH! She should have been in that picture.

THIS SHOT IS SO FRICKEN SMEKSI... I love it. Seriously. hehe.

Then after raving for like hours on end.. Fiona, Dan, Satan, Dai, Nate and I went to KROGER FOR REFRESHMENTS! Which was so worth it.. ICE CREAM!

ANYWAYS. So eating ice cream and discussing a lot of stuff like anime.. then we all did SOMETHING INSANELY STUPID.... which is THIS! But its not stupid.. its so much fun.. LOL. This is why we just need to have a camera on us the entire time we're together... hahahahaha

ANYWAYS... yea... then we all headed to bed. Thats it!