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Library Anime Con

It was my first time actually being in the Louisville Library downtown. I've known that they had an anime con there for a while. I just never went til 2008.

So my first time being at the anime convention held by the Library. It was free and they had little stuff. It was pretty neat stuff. I loved the area and inside the library it was beautiful.
Ariel and Ai Li had their own panel so I attended that. It was very interesting. THEJOSH was asked to judge the PROJECT COSPLAY event. ((It's just like Project Runway but costume style)).

The costume contest was all right. I wish it was in a better set up but for what its worth it was good. My friends: THEJOSH, Ariel, and Ai Li were judges. I think they had a good time so it was cool.

Maybe next year I'll help out.. maybe.. dunno. But it was nice and easy weekend with it all. I believe we all had fun!

I forgot my camera I'm sorry!! no video or photos!