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I went to Ikasucon last year, and I went again this year. I had more friends than last year. It was a bit better than last year. HOWEVER: I didn't get into the costume competition once again. So I decided to just forget it going to this con for the rest of like TIME until management changes. Thats a rant for being in person.

I went with my friends John, Kevin, Keith and Bob. We stopped at a McDonalds... did some other stuff then actually reached Ikasucon. We kinda got lost running around trying to get to the place, but we got there. Then I met up with Emily, saw Faye hung out with Bri.. and other stuff... and such. It was great to play with friends.. see friends, and dance with friends.

Some of my video footage!

I was in the Whose Line is it Anime. It was fun actually participating