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I went to Ikasucon last year and I had tons of fun.. However this year in 2007 they had changed the location and was pretty far. I still decided to turn.. but what happened? It was basically dead. The only highlights of this con for me was being able to play the new Mario Strikers Charged on the wii and the rave. I don't think I'll be attending next year because it just wasn't worth it.

SO last year I had attended Ikasucon. And it was fantasic.. so I asked my friends if they were going to travel to the con again. Which the locations had changed from Cincinnati,OH to Fort Wayne,IN.... its like.. why? SO we had to go with a long drive.
Which we delayed it a bit because I needed some stuff for the con. SO we got some food and went to the dollar store to get some candy!!! then went on our way.

Finally arriving at IKASUCON.. the con was dead... the place was beautiful.. and spacious.. but there weren't that many cosplayers and congoers.. so it was kinda sad. I wish that it was like last year. ANYWAYS... the con could have been better. I don't think I'll return for next year because of the location.. and it was a waste of time in my opinion. The only good things were the rave, getting to karaoke early, playing video games, and of course meeting up with friends.

Sorry pictures are still being processed!