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I had attended Anime Punch last year in 2007. Thies year I attended this convention for all three days. This year the convention was held at the Crown Plaza.

Started raining after classes. Ai Li and I went to the con... stopped for lunch... and then got there. Got our room situation fixed, badges and decided to go around in costume for a bit. She was in her Yoko Time Skip while I was in Purple Lenalee. Talked to friends, played some RockBand, sang some karaoke and then changed to go swimming. Fun times right? Got out of the swimming pool for some more Rockband and then the swimming pool for some BLITZBALL!

Here are some blitzball videos: ((All these videos of blitzball are brought to you by Lilyakka))

Ai Li and I couldn't find food so we got snacks. She went to her room and I was about to sleep in mine... then like an hour later my friends asked if I wanted to go with them for some late night snack. No food is better than no food. SO I hung with them and then came back to the con for some Rockband. I took a shower and went to sleep after getting dressed which was around 8am.

My morning started out with tons of light pouring out the window. I definitely didn't want to get up but I wanted to make the Haruhi photoshoot on time so I got dressed and rushed down there. Soon after the photoshoot I nabbed some photos with Ai Li in her Rocker Yoko costume. The two of us went to see if Fight Club ((new event!)) was running yet. It wasn't so, she and I decided to help out. I got to fight!!
Credit of this video goes to Ryzen Xia.

I had to soon rush off to my costume judging.. then after that I lost my badge. Imagine how that happened. I don't know. Then I definitely had to get changed again for the swimsuit competition.

Credit of these videos goes to Ryzen Xia ((yet again XD)).

I definitely swam in a bunny suit costume. Not the best idea right? During the down time that I had between breaks, Ai li, Lothlin, the Twins: Codi and Cori and I were making faces to each other on the glass window. There's not a lot of footage of that but I can most definitely say you had to see it in person.
I had to rush again and change outfits into my Meg costume for the masquerade.

Credits go to Icosplay aka Melissa! ((Note: this is only the walk-on video with me in it))

I had won a swimsuit award and my actual costume this year didn't win. I still got an award and that makes me a happy camper. My swimsuit award was "Best Material". I used actual vinyl for the bodice. I hung around with friends after the masquerade was over. Had fun and then got ready for the rave. Shortly after all that... YEAH.. thats about all.

SUNDAY! WORST WAY TO WAKE UP FOR A CON... definitely trying to get out of bed but a lot of blankets and pillow are on top of you. Actually I liked it.. but the really bad part was packing, and looking for my phone. It was in my friend's car... so... I'm glad I had tons of people lending me a helping hand. Many thanks to everyone. I can not express my gratitude. ANYWAYS. I said my good byes and left. Definitely still a fun con! I hope to go back next year!

These are the videos that I took!!!