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Soo many friends of mine told me to go to this con. It's a really really big con and I was sorta overwhelmed you could say. But I most definitely did not like the scheduling. So many of the events that I wanted to do were at the same time.

Anime Central is in Rosemont, Illinois. So it was a really really long drive.

The first thing when I got there was realize that its in three different buildings. Two hotels and a convention center. The place was crawling with tons of people. Loads of cosplayers and everything. I got everyone situated in our room and then I got to see tons of people.

I volunteered to help with the Gothic & Lolita fashion show. Thanks to DRAGONS ANIME FOR THIS VIDEO! After the Fashion show I stuck around to talk to people and get some pictures. Sadly I don't have any. HAHAHAHAA. Then onward I went to my first masquerade ball at an anime convention. I was late so I was pretty upset about that. I got to dance with Stephen Poon from the Spoony Bards. Really cool. I got word that our skit had to have a check in time that night.. so I had to leave the ball. Sadly.. a lot of our crew was scattered around and it was like a rush to get everything together. After that mess was over with I went out with a few other friends of mine for a quick bite. Came back and chatted to some of my other friends.

It called for a very early check in on our skit with a full dress rehearsal.. This time we had everyone and it was so much fun. So then my friends and I prepped for our "teaching Japanese panel". Shortly after that we had to grab something to eat or we just walked around for a bit then we went off to the masquerade room. Saw tons of people and had an extremely long wait.. how annoying right? What a waste of a saturday.

So then after that we cleansed ourselves and went to the rave!!!

Here is my videos!!

This is stuff that happened after acen.. hence the name AFTERCON! or something...

Unfortunately, my camera was being an uber hater... and took a bad picture. BUT HEY ITS YAYA HAN! Shes like my Idol. And I still look like shit. LOL