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Yuuki Kurosu
Manga Kaname Dress

Vampire Knight

hours spent:

First Worn:
Sugoicon 2008: Formal Ball

Why I did this cosplay:
I was reading Vampire Knight, and Sugoicon just announced their first Formal Ball aka Anime Prom. I decided that I would make the White Manga dress

The dress has two different types of fabric: satin and ... something else I can't remember the name of right now.. hahaha. I made it with a huge bow and theres actually two skirts. This dress was tons of fun to wear and dance in.

Anything else?
I was kinda upset that my brother told me that it made me look like a giant puffball. So I went back and edited it like five times. The turn out is something that I really like. :) My friends Bri and Kasemei told me other wise and just to keep the dress the way it is.. and I actually had fun with it. :D

Sugoicon 2008