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Final Fantasy X

hours spent:

Why I choose to make this cosplay:
I really loved the wedding sequence in FFX. I can't even think of any other wedding sequences there are within the Final Fantasy world. I wanted to make this because its chic and elegant design.. plus feathers are always fun to work with.

this dress is a simple front with a curved top, and an open short skirt. the bottom of the dress has feathers along the edges of the dress.. LUCKILY I was able to find white feathered trim which matched perfect but there wasnt enough so I had to add feathers as well. The train in the back is detachable for usefull con purposes. I would not like to have my fabric or dress stepped on. This is what I call a "CON FRIENDLY" cosplay. The wings light up with batteries and there is a yellow and red bouqet at the back. My foot wear consists of white heels and white knee highs. I wear a simple tiara, white short gloves and the ever so popular Yuna necklace.

Anything Else?
I have the exact length of hair that Yuna has and yet I could not get it into the bun that she has when she gets married. I don't know how in the world she did it... but obviously something isn't right here. I would probably want someone to put my hair up for me next time.

I SUMMON YOU! will you take this hand in marriage? I don't have to, do I? Pondering will I wait for you? is it that time already?