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Final Fantasy X

hours spent:

Worn to:
Million Man Lan `06 // World Series of Video Gaming `06
OMG!Con `07 ((Judges Favorite))

Why I did this cosplay:
Final Fantasy X, loved by everyone and cosplayed by all. Lets face it who doesn't want to be the lead of FFX?

Yuna wears a short backless kimono top with a obi, and pleated skirt and armwarmers. The rest is details. The flower, skirt, and obi were handpainted by none other than myself. I glued on fake flowers, since I am not confident with my painting skills yet. The armwarmers were hand dyed and then added a purple string with beads to keep it on with hidden elastic. The obi is the real length and tied. Boots were pre-owned. Jewelry was constructed with glass beads, painted beads, and pearls.

Anything else?
The outfit takes a while to get into.. but when in it its worth it. Playing the role of Yuna means to be happy with hidden emotions.. doesn't that get annoying? I can't imagine Yuna being how she is in FFX-2 as in FFX. Shes definitely a different person in both games.

tending to the summoned did you call? this can't be... forced smile

OMG!con 2007
My friends Vaughn and Amen dressed as Tidus and Wakka. We had won a Judge's award, which was one of my first group winning award costumes. I'm very happy that we all won.
I'm in this video at 2:05-2:07. btw I hate my hair why did I ever cut it like that? XD

I'm in this video at 2:51, 4:21

to the Faith FF cosplayers for the win! Those crazy Guardians! Group shot! Walk On Winners circle