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Tifa Lockhart

Final fantasy VII: Advent Children

hours spent:

Why I did this cosplay:
Tifa can kick ass and you know what? so can I! Doing tae kwon do does have its advantages. I enjoy doing it a lot. Plus I got to make a female character who I actually sorta look like who fights with her fists.

For this outfit I used black polyester pleather. it did the job quite well. My sewing machine disagrees. This actual cosplay broke two needles. Kinda sad. I made the apron with pleats in the back, the shorts with the bondage ties and the zipper top. Shoes and pink ribbon were pre-owned.

Anything else?
People say to use converse shoes.. but I disagree. I'm planning on paintng my boots if I need to wear in public and using ribbon laces. This outfit is actually quite hard to kick in. If I was in a fist fight its easier, much easier.

dead... WIN! I'll destroy you! smile while you can yeah right...