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Eureka 7

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Anime Punch `07 ((Most Fan Servicest // Sexiest Cosplayer))
Ohayocon 2008

Why I did this cosplay:
I decided to do a requested cosplay. So I made a bulletin on my Myspace and asked friends who they would like to see me cosplay. Talho was one of them. I researched the character and I watched the series like crazy. I thank my friend Michael for telling me about it. I have to admit, she is one of my favorite characters!

Shirt: I had to make a tube top with three different colors: white, gray; and light blue. I couldn't find the right purplish color. Use wire to keep the shirt tied to the gray straps and add snaps for the gray part. ((VERY IMPORTANT)) reinforce the wire by wrapping it two-three times to give it extra strength otherwise it would rip the gray like crazy. Have excess wire coming from the little triangles to wrap on the leather cord holding the top up. Use eyelets in the back to tie the back closed.

Skirt: Cut two pieces of white fabric for the skirt, cut two small strips of blue and two large blue pieces for the skirt. Sew a long strip done the center front, sew the four big pieces in alternating order. Sew the small blue one in the back. Add embroidery lines around all blue parts.

For the belt, cut two long light blue strips. Cut out a small part in the back and then embroider the sides. Get a belt buckle and sew it in the front. Make two long bags and one letter size bag out of leather and then sew it onto the belt. Make sure to use snaps to keep the bags closed.

For the gun holster, I used a long piece of light blue. I embroidered the entire sides with black string, and then I glued gray fabric and leather fabric on. I sewed two triangles to make the actual gun holster and I embroidered the weird circle design onto that. Then glued it onto the leather piece.

The boots were created by stepping on a piece of white fabric and then Pinning it as close as I could to my leg. I pinned all around it then cut around the pins. I used invisible zippers and then sewed on light blue to tie at the top and then used blue tape for the bottom parts of the boot. Underneath it I wore black knee highs.

When wearing the costume, I put a small red crosshair on my cheek and I had a friend draw a beta symbol on my right arm.

Anything else?
I have to admit that it was only time consuming due to the embroidery that I had to do. I really love it though and it helped make everything soo much better. I'm also happy with the outcome. I'm kinda pissed that I didn't find the right colors in time, but hey it worked out well right? My X on my face was on the wrong side and then my B on my arm could have been darker... but it still looks good right?

Anime Punch 2007
I'm in this video at 2:55.

I'm in this video at 5:31.. but theres other stuff before it.

Dental floss anyone? hot bitches! Passion shot Precious

Ohayocon 2008
I had totally forgotten my boot covers at home for this con.. which makes me very sad.. so I used my friend's white socks as a cover. But it still works! This time my X was on the correct side and same with my Beta symbol. I even got a new bracelet for this costume.