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Rinoa Heartlily ~~Dion Rogers Design~~

Final Fantasy VIII: Original Design by Dion Rogers

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Ikasucon 2006 ((featured in 2006 October's Newtype Issue under Ikasucon `06))
Sugoicon 2007

Why I did this cosplay:
I am such a Rinoa fan. I love her to death, and would do all her costumes. I saw this design and fell in love. Its like love at first sight! I didn't know where she came from so I assumed that it was for Kingdom Hearts 3. After a longer search I found out, Dion Rogers created this Rinoa for a competition and won. The competition was apparently recreate your favorite character in your own style. Well Dion, I absolutely love it and I'm happy you won.

This outfit is very very cut down compared to her actual outfit in the game. I first used a black bra for the top. I hand knitted the top half then added lining and lace with white wings on the back. I then made my own armwarmer out of the same light blue yarn, added black accents and lace. I made a regular pair of black shorts. I added the side skirts. With the wings. It was my very first attempt at making shoe covers... and I think it worked well..

Anything else?
I still love this design no matter how cold I got. It was just so much fun being in this costume. I have to admit that I messed up the side skirts the first time so I went ahead and redid them when I found the right fabric for the job. I need to get a different pose.
I didnt wear it enough at Ikasucon2006... so I decided to remake it and wear it again.. so..


Dealers room LOSE Good friends right? getting a Henna tattoo

Photo Shoot with THE JOSH!
I had bought brown boots before the shoot and I didn't lace them yet.. but they still look nice no?
I remade the side skirts with denim and made the wings on both sides.

I want to thank THE JOSH for taking the great photos for me.

I had finally laced the brown boots with white ties.. finally this costume is complete! well.. to the very last detail. You can check me out as the MC for Cosplay/ Human Chess! I'm sitting on the table.