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Final Fantasy X-2

Worn to:
Sugoicon 2006
Ohayocon 2008

hours spent:
Why I did this cosplay:
two words: Skimply clad. I really love it. Rikku matured in a sense and can kick butt into a whole new outfit.

The top was a yellow bra, a short green skirt for the bottom along with a utility belt and yellow thong. w00t. haha. the armwarmers were made from a creme knit and i hand crotched the scarf and dyed it. The hair was created by extensions and added the scarf. I attempted to make boot covers.. and some what happened. The earrings were painted feathers glued onto posts and then hooked onto earring eyelets.

Anything else?
The outfit is not good to wear if its cold outdoors. Its fun to be Rikku. My friend John had made my daggers but I have no pictures of me with them. I plan on redoing this costume at a future convention and using the daggers possibly in a random battle. I hate my boot covers. I'm still in the process of learning how to make my own shoes.

Sugoicon 2006
full body shot stay away from the water double take nap time fairy paine and theif rikku outside forgotten shoes? since when did Rikku work shop?

Ohayocon 2008
I made new boots and gloves. I was able to use the daggers my friend John had made for me.. and I even got a new hair piece! I didn't dye my scarf in time.. so I kinda just threw it and said FORGET IT! I'm wearing my blue contacts, I wish I had green though.. maybe in the future. I'm in these videos! Two are from lilyakka ((Dan)) and one is from me.