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Sailor Moon

hours spent:

Worn To:
Sugoicon 2006

Why I did this cosplay:
Sailor Moon was one of my favorite animes growing up. They stopped distributing it.. so I had to honor the end of Sailor Moon with a cosplay. I choose PRINCESS SERENITY!

The dress was created by a very silky satin white. It was soo frail and hard to work with.. so it ripped easily if cared wrongly.. I hand sewed beads,trim and ribbon onto the dress. I glued gold glitter to create the rings. The armbands were constructed from string knitted and then sewn together for a spiral effect and added feathers for the edges.

Anything else?
THE WIG MUST BE REDONE. I'm soo unhappy with it. It was my first wig job. I'm hoping in the future I'll be able to get the hang of it