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hours spent:

First Worn to:
Anime Central 2008

Why I did this cosplay:
My friends and I devised a cosplay skit revolving around a mixture of anime's. My role was to be Pikachu. :D Obviously it was a crazy blend of Death Note, Naruto, and Pokemon.

Two Outfits: Lolita-chu aka Pika-lita and Sexy no Jutsu Pikachu aka Sexy Pikachu
Lolita-chu/ Pika-lita
Its a yellow dress design created by my friend Kasey. She definitely drew out the designs. I used different types of black ribbon. I put ruffles at the end of the skirt.. and a bunch of ribbon magic everywhere...

Sexy Pikachu
So I used the Jolteon top without the white part. I used my Faye Valentine shorts and then created new leg warmers and a garter belt to hold them up.

Anything else?
FAN SERVICE TO THE MAX. I love this costume and I don't think it'll happen again.. but obviously it was fun to make and perform in.

Anime Central 2008

Many thanks to American Cosplay Paradise

Many thanks to Toboe399

Many thanks to AkariYuudou