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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Hours spent:
20 hrs

First Worn to:
OMG!Con 2007

Why I choose to make this cosplay:
I've always been fascinated with Oruha's design from Clover. I haven't had time to make those for myself yet but then I saw this design from Tsubasa and fell in love when I saw it.

The dress is made from a nice soft shiny black satin. I used iridescent beads to add detail along with the lace.
I had to add a clover to my chest because she dawns one.. after all.. she was in the clover project. And I made matching earrings to go along with it.

Anything Else?
I fail with my hair and I feel a bit uneasy with my stomach in this dress.. But it's just simply goregous to me. Reminder.. when you're about to take pictures.. NEVER PIG OUT!

I SUMMON YOU! will you take this hand in marriage? I don't have to, do I? Pondering will I wait for you? is it that time already?