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Oren Ishii

Kill Bill: volume one

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Sugoicon 2008

Why I did this cosplay:
I totally fell in love with the Kill Bill movies. I am totally for the Asian-American woman dominating the entire yakuza in Japan. Totally awesome.

I used some white fabric I found at Walmart a long time ago. I didn't have enough to create all of it accurately. Its nice fabric but I wish I could have more but the supply was limited same with other fabric stores. I created a white long sleeves kimono. I used a pre owned black kimono for the other collar.
The obi was preowned, along with my shoes, and socks. I also created a hair pin just like hers. I used a gold wire, a pearl bead and some ribbon.

Anything else?
I definitely love Oren's character. I hate the end for her... how upsetting right?

Sugoicon 2008
My friend Tofu invited me to wear my Oren Ishii with her Crazy 88 costume and a GOGO. ALong the way we attracted some TURKS from Final Fantasy VII. So it was crazy awesome. Here's TOFU'S VIDEO!

Many thanks to all those who participated!