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Miaka Yuuki
Summoning Suzaku Priestess Outfit

Fushigi Yuugi
The Mysterious Play

Worn at:

hours spent:

Why I did this cosplay:
Miaka is one of my most favorite characters of all time. I definitely love her so much that I chose her name for my Japanese class. I remember that Fushigi Yuugi was my second shoujo anime shortly after Sailor Moon. I've been wanting to cosplay Miaka for a long time

I used satin for the red, blue and yellow. I used a light white fabric for the rest. I thought that this costume could use a bit more personality in it so I added a bit more fabric than usual. I know that Miaka is summoning one of the greatest BEASTS ever. SO I owe it to the costume.
For the jewelry I actually made the flowers next to her ears. I created the necklace by painting beads and pre owning gold beads to make the necklace. For the Tiara I used foam and then gold paint to cover it. I preowned gold bracelets.

Anything else?
I had a short amount of time making this, but it is most definitely one of my favorite costumes to wear. :D... even if I've only worn it once.

Bai Ai Li wasn't there to record with me. :( My friend Young was luckily there.