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Burst Angel
Bakuretsu Tenshi

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Ikasucon 2008

Why I did this cosplay:
I definitely loved the design and look of this costume. Meg is like the new type of cowgirl that is bright and bouncy. I thought it would suit me.

Leg warmers: Two long rectangles with cuts on the side, snaps, and fasteners with extra yellow with elastic.

Skirt: two different colors of blue: light and denim. I embroidered the skirt with a off set blue to make it pop more. Adding eyelets and white ribbon.

Bracelets: I used two straps of leather, two pieces of silver fabric, two sets of snaps, sculpy and buttons.

Shirt: I used a bra insert, and based it around that. I made it close to a tank top but modified it so its got a lower back. The belt part was added with a belt attachment at the end.

Anything else?
I need to make it more form fitting but overall it was a difficult costume to wear and everything was fun to make. I definitely love how well this costume is constructed.

You can see me in this video of me going on stage. Thanks Icosplay ((MELISSA!!))

In this video you can see me getting my award for my swimsuit. Credit goes to Ryzen Xia.

Lycwolf took these pictures. So THANK YOU!

Ikasucon 2008
I was in the Whose Line is it Anime show. I was in the Dubbing skit. Mike B. is dubbing for me so I have no voice. Joe and Ben are acting. Video Credit from Whose Line Crew!

For Ikasucon I forgot my choker, but I did alter the shirt to fit me better and I fixed the cuffs to look more like gears. The side bag actually stayed on because I sewed the crap out of it so it'll stay on.