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Mai Shiranui
Alternate Blue

King of Fighters

hours spent:
can't remember... maybe 50?

First Worn to:
Matsuricon 2008

Why I choose to make this cosplay:
Mai is one of my favorite characters in King of Fighters and Capcom vs SNK games. I definitely had to create her default outfit. Although I didn't have the color red on me.. I used blue for her alternate choice.

I used a leotard pattern and then I added white edging to it. The tails are made of the same fabric as the kimono leotard top. I then created balls.. first I used clay and found out that was too heavy.. then I used tape and fabric for the second one. I created the armor and sandals.

Anything Else?
I am lucky that she has dark colored hair so I can easily use a hair extension.. and seriously who has big boobs like that? NOT ME! lol.

I participated as Mai in the Whose Line is it Anime show. It was Theatre to Theatre.. I was Mike's girlfriend and Ben was breaking up with his girlfriend.