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Little Devil

Original Design

hours spent:

Worn To:
Anime Punch 2007

Why I did this cosplay:
My friend Hil-chan designed a black rabbit costume to follow with her Alice costume. I liked the idea but she wanted to add wings. Her Alice design had wings and she didn't want to be the only one with them. I didn't have bunny ears at the time so we modified it a lot.. Just a lot of things changed over a period of time and this is what happened: this little devil costume.

I used this red pleather for another costume that I have planned. I wanted to make a matching skirt and I my whip as a fun little playful tail, cat ears and of course my black wings.

Anything else?
It was a silly creation but it was most definitely fun to wear. I have to admit that it got good reviews, for being such a random thing.

Anime Punch 2007