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Ling Xiayou

Tekken 5

hours spent:

First Worn To:
Video Games Live `07 in Louisville, Kentucky

Why I did this cosplay:
I had little time in preparation and plus I've always wanted to make this outfit. With the first Video Games Live concert in my area approaching I figured this outfit would work best for this symphony.

I created a new corset with white silky asian fabric. I used white and black maribou trims. I preowned the gloves, stockings and boots. I had to recreate my own backpack, taiko drum pouches, belt and skirt.

Anything else?
Wearing a tight corset for long hours was painful.. and I think the shoelaces I chose were really cute as well.I also want to add many thanks for Tony T. for being my Lee Chaolan, Josh and Ai Li being there with us.

Video Games Live 2007
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