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Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy 10-2

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Sugoicon 2008: Rave
Ohayocon 2009: Rave

Why I did this cosplay:
I definitely made this costume a long time ago but I never had time to finish it. I've loved the fact that Yuna and Lenne share the same outfit. But at the same time I wanted to be Yuna... unfortunately when I finished the outfit my hair wasn't short and so I proceeded to be Lenne than Yuna.

I made it differently from the one that I made for my friend Bri. I used a darker fabric and two different types of fabrics for the skirt thingy on the shirt. I then painted the bottoms of that to get the gradient effect. I used a preowned belt and boots. I created the sleeves last minute and the skirt is pleated.. but it doesnt look that way.. how upsetting. I studied the reference picture of Lenne and Yuna together to get the right type of beads in the right order instead of doing it randomly.

Anything else?
I enjoy this costume and dancing in it. Definitely makes me feel like a Songstress. Maybe it could teach me how to summon an aeon?

Sugoicon 2008

Ohayocon 2009
I wanted to bring out my Lenne again. So I decided to bring it to Ohayocon 09. I didn't put the X's on my arms. A bit ashamed of myself.. but I'm super happy that I remade the arm warmers and the skirt. The skirt is super pleated and I'm satisfied with it. I'm glad I got great shots with a Shuyin cosplayer. THANK YOU JEFF!