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Lei Fang
Black Chinese Dress

Dead or Alive Series 4

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Video Games Live 2008 ((Won 2nd place in Costume Contest))
Ikasucon 2008

Why I did this cosplay:
Lei Fang is my favorite character. I always wanted to do one of her chinese dresses. I liked the design of the bird from Dead or Alive 4 and I had the right materials at the time to make it. I love this costume a lot.

The dress a chinese fitted qi pao. I had gold trim all around the dress and added the two frogs at the top.

I hate painting but this dress was absolutely worth it. I love the outcome and it looks great.

Anything else?
I didn't make the phoenix as accurate as I wanted. It was very hard to fit all the detailing in without over doing it. But it got great reviews! Many thanks for the pictures from Aaron!

Video Games Live 2008

Ikasucon 2008