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Dead or Alive series

hours spent:

Why I did this cosplay:
This costume was one of my favorites.. I started playing Dead or Alive once again and so I decided to make another DoA costume. Only this time I choose Kasumi's 4th costume: the black and gold.

I made the kimono top. I added the gold edging, then I added the red sash. I then made a stencil of the flower imprints and painted it on the kimono. Next I added the Mugen Tenshin style on the back of the kimono.
I created the arm and leg guards using the same fabric and cardboard. I used the same boot covers from Nico Robin.

Anything else?
FAN SERVICE TO THE MAX. I don't think I can wear this costume out without flashing someone. But I love it to death.. I need a sword then its complete! Oh yea.. I HATE PAINTING.. But it turned out really nice!

LIMIT BREAK calm yet? I just got here huh these? Passion shot