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none, my own inspiration

hours spent:

Why I did this cosplay:
Kimonos are so flowy and beautiful. But I wanted this one to be a more sexier kind of kimono. One day at Hancock fabric store I found this red kanji and gold fabric. I only bought a yard and found inspiration from that.

My own kimono pattern was used and then I made a black choker from ribbon. The tabi and shoes are preowned.

Anything else?
All I can say is that its skimpy. From one yard of fabric what else can you expect? I really love it though. I feel like I can wear it with jeans or a black dress. The props are mine. I got the small umbrella from my Grandmother and I bought the large fan a while ago.

do you like my dance? Aren't you a bit tired? Backside Am I yours for the taking? Fan dance