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Kingdom Hearts II

hours spent:

Why I did this cosplay:
I personally don't like the Kingdom Hearts games. Anything that Square makes isn't always the greatest. Right now I have to say the character designs are awesome but thats about it. The stylnig of the camera gave me a headache. Anyways.. Kairi's new mature look is pink and was a must have.

Kairi seems to wear a pink hooded dress with three zippers, and a white top underneath. I used cotton for the pink and white parts. I used gold zippers for appearance, and black fabric for the hood. The necklace was a gold drop bead on a leather cord. The belt was created from the same material as the hood. I made the pouch from the same material as well and added a pink ribbon.

Anything else?
It was very hard to make the outfit fit just right. I had problems keeping the back from jumping out. The belt is fun to wear.. its like suspenders but not. haha

Looking back.. JAIL breaking free