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hours spent:

First Worn to:
Anime Central 2008

Why I did this cosplay:
My friend, Aura/Faye thought of doing a Pokemon group. We debated long and hard and we definitely decided on doing Eevee's evolutions aka EEVEELUTIONS! LOL CATS! Faye/Aura is Vaporeon aka Fayeporeon. Our friend Kasey is our Flareon, Kaseon. And I am Jolteon aka Celesteon. Faye created outfit ideas which totally kicked ass.

I made a halter top that ties into a choker. It's got some gold string embroidery. The top still needs alterations with the white part. But for the time being I used a feathered boa.

The gloves I used with a smaller white boa, and extra white fabric I had around.

For the ears I used a yellow headband and crafted foam ears to Jolteon's specifications. Theres brown and yellow foam... and in between it I put wire fencing to make them posable.

The skirt was a challenge. It's created with three layers: the bottom long layer, a shorter layer and the front cover. All layers have embroidered lines hems. The back layers have gold embroidery and then the front has a bright yellow. The front is connected to the bottom skirt by velcro.

Anything else?
I really wish that our Flareon could have joined us in our cosplay. I definitely didn't get enough pictures at Anime Central... BUT ITS STILL A GREAT COSTUME!

Anime Central 2008