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Why I chose to make this costume:
I have always been a huge fan for Gaiaonline. They created a costume contest in the year 2007. This was a good opportunity to use my skills to make an outfit inspired by their items.

I had used black polyester vinyl for the dress. I didn't want to use a regular cotton or a silk. Since it's a pixelated idea, why not take it a step further. I used a dolly and sewed it on the front and embellished it with iridescent beads along with the ruffles and the skirt of the dress. I used lace in various areas to emphasize on the beauty of the concept.

I used more of the black fabric to make the card shark bands on my arms.

I used store bought stockings and a garder belt previously owned. The Fairy Wings are my sisters. And the fan was mine to begin with. Same with the shoes.

I used a light blue fabric for the baos on hy head. The Aquatica headpiece was created with glass beads and two shells. I put the wig on for the second character and reference along with the gold eye stripe tattoo.

The necklace is actually a ribbon with a button and pearls sewn onto it.

Anything else?
There are soo many endless possiblities for a gaia character. This is just one of my great ideas that I could not pass up. I definitely based it around the Gothic Veil Corset dress and the Elegant Pearl Choker. Sadly on the second avatar you can't see the pearl bracelet and the black heart on the cheek like you can see in my pictures.

First Avatar Design

Second Avatar